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The Sage Advice Podcast is dedicated to the possibility that entrepreneurs continue the work of creation. We celebrate them by allowing them to tell their stories and share their knowledge with others. In doing so we energize the success of businesses around the world through the imagination of our people and the power of technology.

Sep 15, 2020

Margaret Wheatley has worked globally with many different roles a speaker, teacher, community worker, consultant, advisor, and formal leader. From these deep and varied experiences, she has developed an unshakable conviction that leaders must learn how to evoke people's inherent generosity, creativity, and need...

Sep 7, 2020

Ronald Bailey is the science correspondent for Reason, where he writes a weekly science and technology column. In 2006, Bailey was shortlisted by the editors of Nature Biotechnology as one of the personalities who have made the “most significant contributions” to biotechnology in the last 10 years. From 1987 to...

Aug 26, 2020

Inspired by our VeraSage Colleague, and former guest on The Soul of Enterprise, Tim Williams, join Ed and Ron for a wide-ranging discussion on strategic positioning. Your organization NEEDS to be able to answer these questions:

  • Is your company distinguished by a set of unique services and capabilities?

  • Do you focus...

Aug 19, 2020

Marian L. Tupy is the editor of, a senior fellow at the Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity and co-author of The Simon Project. He specializes in globalization and global well-being, and politics, and economics of Europe and Southern Africa. His articles were published in the Financial Times,...

Aug 14, 2020

Ed and Ron discussed an email Ron received from listener Byron Johnson, a CPA in Canada. This episode explores the many differences in the business model of Value Pricing vs. the subscription business model. They are entirely different, and time will tell how well the professions adopt this new model.